Rose Apple Flowers is a floral studio specialising in Gold Coast wedding flowers. We provide services for bespoke, custom weddings and events. Based on the far north coast of New South Wales, the studio is owned and operated by Rebecca Uhlmann, and services the Byron Bay and Gold Coast regions, and surrounds.

Rebecca garnered an appreciation of nature from her beloved grandmother, whose garden was a prize-worthy jewel in early suburban Brisbane. Formative memories of her grandmother rising at 5am to water her much-loved garden, proudly showing off her achievements in bringing carnations, miniature roses and hydrangeas to bloom, set in place for Rebecca a love and appreciation of nature and the beauty in its simplicity.

Rebecca specialises in creating lush, romantic and rambling botanical arrangements for weddings and events. Emulating the natural ebb and flow of flowers as seen in nature, and inspired by the natural form of the materials she uses, her designs are a lush combination of flowers and foliage, fruit, berries and branches, capturing seasonality and freshness. Taking advantage of the verdant land of the Northern Rivers of New South Wales, and its seasons, Rebecca is able to maximise texture and interest in her creations, by sourcing product from local growers, the surrounding landscape, and her own cutting garden. All of these elements combine to achieve fresh and seasonal arrangements with a unique design aesthetic.

Rebecca works closely with each of her brides, carefully choosing the perfect blooms to complement the wedding party’s attire. Each and every ingredient that goes into creating her bouquets and arrangements is carefully chosen, whether it be a majestic face flower, such as a fully-blown Peony, or the delicate tendrils from a blush pink sweet pea. Each bloom has its perfect place.

Given our geographical location in regional New South Wales, we are familiar with the joys and challenges of travel. We therefore welcome enquiries for destination weddings, should you choose to celebrate your day away from the city . To make an enquiry regarding your wedding, whether it be local, or more broadly-based, send us an email on our Contact page.

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About the Rose Apple Tree

Syzygium moorei (or Rose Apple Tree) is a rare sub tropical rainforest tree, growing on volcanic soils in the Mount Warning area of north east New South Wales and south east Queensland, Australia. It is native to the area where we live, and an endangered species, making it even more precious to the people of this region, and botanically, a specimen of great interest. Several years ago, we built our home around one of these trees, and it plays a large part in our lives on a daily basis. Come Christmas time, buds appear on the trunk and branches of the tree, a beautiful pinky red colour, which burst into bloom for most of the Christmas and New Year period. It is akin to a giant Christmas Tree surrounding our home. After the blooms fall away, they are replaced with small green fruit resembling apples, which then turn to a white colour and eventually drop off. Whilst the fruit is not pleasant to eat raw, it is an excellent ingredient in mixed preserves. We feel privileged as custodians of this grand old tree, and as a tribute, Rose Apple Flowers has been borne.