Magnolia Rouge, Jen Huang Shoot

I thought it only right that I should make the first blog post of this new website the most significant shoot I think I have ever had the pleasure of being a part of. This, to me, is still really a dream that unfolded in perfect harmony, allowing the planets to align and create a true thing of beauty.

I knew that Jen Huang was in New Zealand for an engagement shoot (which was only about a month away), so I plucked up the courage and emailed to ask her if she’d like to be involved in a styled shoot here in Australia while she was over this way. To my amazement, the very gracious Jen said yes, but that she only had time to shoot in NZ. So with time a real factor, I contacted Kate from Magnolia Rouge, who said she would also be interested in being involved. Kate was incredible. We only had a short time to get everything organized, and Kate did most of it from her end (makeup, venue, cakes, models, dresses), which, on top of her incredibly hectic workload, was nothing short of astonishing. I am so in awe of that lady and all that she does.

In the meantime, I got in touch with Zoe, from Field of Roses. I had been following her for some time on Instagram, and adored the stunning blooms that were coming out of her farm in Gisborne, about 6 hours from Auckland. I had no idea what I was doing regarding sourcing flowers in New Zealand, and at the time I didn’t realize how far away she even was from the city, but in another case of serendipity, she informed me that a truck would bring the flowers up to Auckland Market for me to pick up at around 4am the morning of the shoot. I nearly cried when I opened the box from her – each bunch of flowers was packed so lovingly and carefully, with soft wadding framing each delicate bunch. There were foxgloves, dahlias, the most divine garden roses, scabiosa, nigella…just to name a few. I had never seen such exquisite, perfect blooms in all my life.Everything unfolded perfectly, and the day went off without a hitch at an exquisite olive grove outside of the city. It was exhilarating, and an experience I’ll never forget.


JenHuangFleuristeMagRouge-115JenHuangFleuristeMagRouge-200JenHuangFleuristeMagRouge-212JenHuangFleuristeMagRouge-102JenHuangFleuristeMagRouge-102JenHuangFleuristeMagRouge-113JenHuangFleuristeMagRouge-27JenHuangFleuristeMagRouge-112 copyJenHuangFleuristeMagRouge-65JenHuangFleuristeMagRouge-68JenHuangFleuristeMagRouge-69JenHuangFleuristeMagRouge-191JenHuangFleuristeMagRouge-42JenHuangFleuristeMagRouge-44JenHuangFleuristeMagRouge-152JenHuangFleuristeMagRouge-17JenHuangFleuristeMagRouge-9JenHuangFleuristeMagRouge-12JenHuangFleuristeMagRouge-99JenHuangFleuristeMagRouge-117JenHuangFleuristeMagRouge-151JenHuangFleuristeMagRouge-68JenHuangFleuristeMagRouge-133JenHuangFleuristeMagRouge-137